Sunday 19 March 2017

Book Review: Elisabeth McBride by Angie Blake



What happens to five investigators when they meet up with one of the deadliest demons in Paranormal history? Do they escape the wrath of Elisabeth McBride or were they sucked into their own deaths by the hands of a demonic young girl? Will they be able to team up and help a young girl find her way or will they have to destroy her world and everything she touches to save their own lives? Read Elisabeth McBride, it's murder, horror,suspense and paranormal. So many thriller aspects in just one book!


This book is creepy from the get-go and the murky atmosphere is kept up throughout.. 

It's not easy to do that, but the author show's her skill by not revealing too much about the titular Elisabeth McBride too early on.

A group of paranormal investigators track her down and know some elements of her back story, which I will not list here as it would count as a spoiler.

"The creep factor makes this an extremely scary book."

The book is extremely well written - that may seem a given, but I found myself flipping away at the pages with speed. It is a book crammed with incidents but not for incidents' sake. 

As to the 'heroine' herself, you will have to make up your own mind if the fate that befell her should be visited on anyone else.

The creep factor makes this an extremely scary book - especially in the early hours of the morning when I caught myself reading it!

It's not without its humourous points, for example:-

"I don't get it. We're supposed to be investigators, and we bolt the first time we hear a scary voice?"

Rest assured, you would too.

Grab this excellent scary story today.

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