Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What Happens When A Second-Hand Book-Store Is Supported by the Local Community

As much as I have grown to like e-books, there's clearly a slightly dark side to it. As I reported earlier, books can be pirated all too easily, which is a disgusting practise. Fortunately, many decent people still buy through legal channels and support writers, many of whom struggle to make it as a career.

What of the more traditional outlets then? In the news story below, the shop owner let people know of his dwindling profits, and via Facebook no less! It shows that the local communities do play a big part in keeping shops like these open.

Perhaps he needs to become a more up to date shop, but it is difficult when there are so many titles out there, and yes...the internet makes it easy to buy.

But I must say that my own shopping experience showed that the internet and how we buy things now was just waiting to happen. I could often go in any bookstore, record shop, and so on, only to ask for a given item, only to be told 'oh, we don't have that in stock.'

It's lazy at best, poor customer service at worst. Amazon have just simplified the supply-chain process.

All the same, I'm happy for this shop owner, as nothing beats browsing through books...the internet just doesn't have the same charm for me!