Monday, 6 April 2015

Inspirational Places for Writing: Packwood House

Packwood House, in Warwickshire is a little gem of a place, boasting some of the loveliest topiary I've ever seen. As this is early April, a lot of the garden was fenced off, which is a real shame as it is a joy to walk amongst those amazing trees.

The house itself is over three hundred years old, and although this is my second visit to the place, my last recollection was of how many tapestries they had in the place.

There's no real paranormal history to the place, as far as I know. But at over 350 years old, something must have happened there.

This place is just 20 miles from where I live. That's why I often think Birmingham and the Midlands trumps the more cooler places like London, Manchester or Liverpool. You can be in the countryside if going for 10 minutes in any direction in the city. That's got to count for something!

The topiary garden was closed off this time. It's probably too early. Last time I visited it was late August and you could walk anywhere in the place.

The house itself is lovely, quaint and understated.

I really love the rotunda style pillar on the left.

The man was creating all sorts of things, using a method from the near past. It's a shame if these arts actually die out.

One of the many tapestries inside the house.

 Overall, Packwood House is a nice place to visit. The website, hosted by The National Trust, is often up to date. I just think maybe they could offer a concession for when certain areas are closed off. I'm a member, but two of our party are not...and whilst the gardens are the star attraction, maybe the site needs to inform when certain section are closed. If I was rating this like a book, it would be an easy four stars out of five!