Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Book Review: Copper by Ceri Bladen


Copper is an interesting story set in 1950s Wales, centering its story around Ria (Victoria) and Morgan. Ria's family isn't exactly the wealthiesy family, but Morgan was born into the stuff, so it fits that from a financial point of view, marrying him would be a very good move, and certain to please Ria's father.

Whilst not exactly a love triangle, the author has weaved in another character - John, who may derail the future Morgan has mapped out for himself. Ria is all he wants, and he s not backwards in coming forwards when it comes to telling her so.

I have to admit that in the first half of the book, I found Ria to be annoying, often indecisive, and capable of turning on the spin of a coin. I felt Morgan's exasperation with her (at times, not always) and wondered why a man of his position would chase her the way he does.

As the story progresses, Ria's character grows, with the negative sides to her diminishing as she finds she really does care about Morgan. That said, she holds a candle for John too, but perhaps not in the way Morgan would appreciate. 

Then, a critical event happens that could split a happy future apart. This was actually the best written part of the book, along with the intriguing explanation of the story title (which could have many interpretations). 

Ultimately, Copper is a pleasing and very well written historical romance. The references to Wales are very well placed, and as the reader you can feel carried along with the story. It is a light, enjoyable read, solidly written and with a satisfying end.

This is the third book I have completed reading by this author, and I think if you give her a try, the author Ceri Bladen will soon be amongst your favourites!