Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Book Review: A Dream Come True by Rishiraj Sen

Notes: This is a debut novel by a teenage author! So many established authors and publishing house can make an obscure book a great hit through clever marketing. This book gets 4 stars from me and deserves to do well.

Review: As a work of fiction this romance is readable and well written. The style is obviously more suited to an Asian audience - my wife is Asian and so I have been used to reading many Asian scripts. I just wonder if the planned for a wider audience to read it, as in my view it is very Indian - there's nothing wrong with that as they are many great Indian authors out there and a wider readership who will appreciate this novel.

"The story has a poetic quality to it"

Anyway, the story is well told. It has a real dreamlike quality to it which I really enjoyed. The characters are well drawn too (is Arjun a popular Indian name? Seems like every Indian book I read has an Arjun in it!). The story has a poetic quality to it - if the author wrote poetry, I think he would be especially good at it.

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