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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Book Review: Zeeka's Child (Revenge of Zeeka Series, #2) by Brenda Mohammed



Zeeka's Child is a continuation of the story "Revenge of Zeeka: Zeeka and the Zombies." The story evolves into a more complicated plot of kidnapping, suicide note, diamond necklace with tracking device, arson, major corruption in the Police Force and a few 'skeletons' jump out of the closet.

In a shocking turn of events, Zeeka is revealed. Detective Jack Wildy certainly has his work cut out for him in this episode. Who is the mystery Master Zeeka and who is Zeeka's child?


"This is no dream! This is really happening!"

- Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Revenge of Zeeka was a quirky, fun horror tale with zombies at its heart. Like any new born, it can struggle to walk and find its feet. However reading book two in the series (and it's helpful to read book one back too), this is confident storytelling where the author has given us more thrills and twists that might sit well in a longer book. To accomplish this in a novella is quite something.

When book one ended, there was what I would call a 'soft' cliffhanger in that readers would not be annoyed that there was a cliffhanger in itself, because it was a complete tale in itself. Now with Zeeka's Child, the plot revolves around Raynor and Janet, and the serious nature of having to raise a child that is not his own.

This is an interesting concept to feature in a zombie story, which would at first appear to be nothing more than a skin bursting sideshow, and I was a little (just a little) put off by the initial chapter because it seemed more like a romantic interlude than anything else. This is actually a very clever piece of writing by the author, because it is like she is saying 'hey, you know this is a zombie tale, I know it's a zombie tale, but let's confuse the hell out of the readers by focussing on contemporary romance for a while.' This could be the first ever zom-contemp-rom, unless you know of another story like it.

The characters are better realised here too, I like Raynor and Janet, because they act like a real couple - fawning over each other one minute before having serious disagreements. This is actually a lot more fun to read about than experience. 

However, both of them are confused, because they have a sense of duty to a child that is disproportionate. However, they have a strong bond with each other. Despite that, they still manage to throw at us a number of twists at each chapters' close.

Throw in the discovery of a necklace by local cop Jack Wildy (who makes a pleasing return from book one) and sidekick / waif-with-badge Jerry Cole. He plays an energetic, idealistic cop to Wildy's jaded persona. Cliche? Not really. These two really enhance the story, taking it into mystery-crime-thriller and away from zom-contemp-rom land.

This could be the first ever zom-contemp-rom, unless you know of another story like it.

The necklace links the mysterious Zeeka with Janet in a way she - and especially Raynor, are not happy about. It also leads into the best question ever asked of anyone in history (probably):-

"Did you know that he had a secret basement where the zombies were kept?"
- cop not expecting to ask this question, ever.

"My God! No! If there were zombies there I would not have gone there."
- Janet affected by the word 'zombie' causes her to spew 'there' several times. As you would.

Right on, lady, right on. Rule number one of surviving a zombie story, don't go to a place where they might convene en masse, playing cards, poker, eating human heads, that kind of thing.

Whilst not as gory / creepy as the first book, it is the better one because the story is more layered, developed and you can identify with the characters more. 

It ends satisfyingly, and we get a hint of what might be coming in book three.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Book Review: Revenge of Zeeka - Zeeka and the Zombies by Brenda Mohammed


"This whole thing is so bizarre. I don't know what to think."

Mark, talking to Raynor, trying to make sense of what he has just witnessed.

Synopsis (from the author): Revenge of Zeeka - Zeeka and the Zombies is the first book in a mystery thriller series set in the year 2036. 
Twenty years ago in 2016 a virus epidemic raged over the scenic small island of Gosh off the coast of South America. 
Hundreds of pregnant women who were infected with the virus, produced still born babies at the end of their term. 
Twenty years later in the year 2036, at the island's national Carnival celebrations a small band parading as sailors wreaked havoc on the spectators killing and maiming several of them. Why did this happen? Who was the person or persons behind this violent act and how will this all end? 
If you love thrillers with a mix of love and romance, don't miss this action-packed read


I like weird stories. Not everything has to be set in a world you know, and perhaps my favourite author, Stephen King is my favourite because he turns the normal into abnormal effortlessly. For author Brenda Mohammed's latest work, we are pulled into the genre of zombie horror, which has seen a massive resurgence in recent years.

What I love about this first short story in the series is how, like King, the author has her characters Mark and Raynor going about their normal lives when eyes really start to play tricks on them, and the question is for us, dear readers, is positioned thus:-

Can we trust what we see with our own eyes, or is this a vision, hallucination, or some other mind trick being played on us by some evil entity?

Possibly the answer is yes to each element of that question. 

Rather than being a full blown horror, this first story serves as a tasty morsel (I really shouldn't use such lines in a review about flesh eating zombies!) to what is to come. Who is the mysterious Zeeka? Why does he want revenge? Not everything is answered here, but will be in future stories in the series. At its relatively short length, it is the perfect introduction to this author's writing, which I am seeing a great growth with each work she pens.

My favourite character is actually Detective Jack Wildy. There is so much that cold be done with this charcter, he reminds me of Jack Lord of Hawaii-5-0 (original, people!) fame:-

This is an action packed novella that has several plot lines running, but at no time did I feel lost. Each character seamlessly interacted with others, and there's an interesting man hunt happening which will stretch resources of the said Detective to breaking point. Raynor's impending marriage to long-time love Janet might not happen after all.

"It is the perfect introduction to this author's writing."

These different plot lines keep you reading, and keep you guessing. Despite its length I did not read this book in one sitting. I wanted to absorb the cleverly interlinked plotlines. In fact, there's not a lot of the mysterious Zeeka of the title in this first story, and I think that's a clever decision by the author.

Buy it before the next installment is released!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Cover Officially Revealed by Ashley of The Bookish Brunette!

Okay, so you may have seen the cover floating around. A few other places doesn't hurt though, and Ashley's blog is one the best. And it is certainly the best if you are as crazy about zombies as team BB are!

You should really subscribe, unless you've done so already!