Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Cover Reveal and Book News: Innocent While She Sleeps (A Tale of Vampires, #3)

May 2015 will see the release of the third novella in my vampire series. Titled Innocent While She Sleeps, the book's story closely follows the previous installments, Murderous Little Darlings, and The Blood and the Raven.

Here's the cover:-


Tormented by all the wicked and evil deeds she has committed in her life, Juliana has never known what it is like to truly rest in peace. Far from the confines of the Blood and the Raven; at Castle Dreymuir, a most unlikely source offers her a way out of the life.

Initially, Juliana dismisses it out of hand; stating the cost is far too high for her to possibly consider. But as time goes on, one overwhelming desire eats away at her - a return to innocence in both her waking hours and whilst she sleeps.

Will Juliana accept this deadly but most compelling of offers, so that she can put her deadly existence to rest, once and for all?

I'm really enjoying writing this series. Novellas are fun to do, but what's great for me about this series is that all seven novellas will tie into one whole book. So we are only on book three, there's a lot more fang related fun, horror, twists and thrills to come.

My thanks to the following people for their reviews so far for the series. Your support is amazing!

Aditi Saha, Cristiane Serruya, J Kahele, Merril Anil, S.R. Gibbs, Maxine Groves, Donna O'Neill, Charlee Henley, Sofhy Haisyah.

Cheers and happy reading!