Sunday, 25 January 2015

Cover Reveal: Dark Winter #3: Last Rites

Back in Spring 2012,   I was furiously making notes about a girl, alone in the woods, who possessed an item of great and unknown power. This was to shape the first book in my paranormal horror trilogy, Dark Winter.

Hard to believe that we are now in 2015, and I am looking at the draft of the third and final book, due for release this October. 

From that first book, The Wicca Circle, to 2014's Crescent Moon, this final book in the series will be called Last Rites.

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I want all readers to know that whilst I spent a lot of money on getting the covers for each of the books just how I wanted them, I really gave it my best whilst writing too.

Of course, any writer can say this. So I will leave you with the cover for now, with more news to come as we near that final release date.

Finally, if you have read either or both of the first two books, you have my eternal thanks and gratitude. This final book is for you then!

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Best wishes and happy reading to you all!