Saturday, 4 July 2015

Book Review: An Arranged Valentine by Kadee McDonald


An Arranged Valentine is a thoroughly entertaining regency romance. The principle characters are well drawn and engaging, with Penelope an intriguing heroine. Like most women of the age, she has to find her betrothed before she passes what would be the dreaded marrying age. Her father thus engineers an arrangement which may be (but possibly won't be) altogether to her liking.

 Fortunately, as the story develops, the reader can discern a real warmth developing between the H/h and it's the little details...the notes, the valentines, the references to Robert Burns that truly made this light romance punch well above its weight.

 Lines I liked, and this was typical of the well placed humour throughout the book:- " do understand we have just been found in a compromising situation?"

 Of course, the over riding situation is one where it suits both parties to be arranged. The key to this story, and how it grabs the reader, is in the sense of how it brings the two together. My concerns were 'does he really love her' and 'could she really see out a lifetime with him.' To find out, you should really give this excellent Jane Austen inspired story a chance!